When hundreds of thousands of people dressed in fluorescent sleeveless jackets protested in France last November, nobody really knew how powerful a movement it would become.

The "yellow vest" demonstrators took over the centre of Paris, and there were unprecedented scenes of destruction and chaos.

But what started as a protest against a controversial tax on fuel and the cost of living quickly turned into a weekend of running battles with French police.

The protesters' demands grew to include President Emmanuel Macron's resignation, who refused to step down, saying he was the right man to fix France's problems.

Those include addressing low wages, higher living standards and economic inequality.

Although Macron says he has taken measures, one year on, the protesters say he hasn't done enough.

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Alexandre Chantry - Coordinator of the yellow vest movement in Lille

Philippe Marliere  - Professor of French and European Politics at University College London

Remi Bourgeot - Economist and associate fellow at the French Institute of International and Strategic Affairs

Source: Al Jazeera