Die in a ditch and not extend Brexit or deliver on October 31 - the UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have to live up to his words very soon.

That's if the European Union doesn't approve his proposals for Brexit.

The EU has already said there are problems, mainly what happens to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

More talks are planned for October 17, but that is just 10 days before Johnson says leave will mean leave even if it is against the law, as it now stands.

With one eye on a possible general election, British MPs would have to vote for what he wants, knowing that the EU can ultimately veto the whole thing anyway.

Is the EU ready to compromise?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Donnacha O Beachain - Professor of politics at the school of law and government, Dublin City University

Pieter Cleppe - Head of the Brussels office at Open Europe think-tank

Alex de Ruyter - Director of Centre for Brexit Studies at Birmingham City University

Source: Al Jazeera News