The state of Kerala has been at a standstill following violent protests against the lifting of a ban preventing women of reproductive age from entering one of Hinduism's holiest temples - Sabarimala.

The Supreme Court made the ruling in September but conservative groups backed by India's ruling party - the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - objected and blocked attempts by women to gain entrance.

On Wednesday, under the cover of darkness and escorted by police officers, two women walked in.

Protests began soon afterwards.

Hundreds of thousands of women have formed what they called The Women's Wall - a 600-kilometre human chain - to raise awareness of their plight and to campaign for women's rights.


Presenter: Laura Kyle


Rahul Easwar - president, Ayappa Religious Army

Madhavi Menon - director of the Centre for Studies in Gender and Sexuality in India.

Rushda Siddiqui - executive committee member, National Federation of Indian Women.

Source: Al Jazeera News