Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has claimed responsibility for a number of bombings this year

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb organisation has claimed responsibilty for Tuesday's twin bombings in Algeria. The supreme court and, crucially, the offices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the United Nations Development Programme were its targets.
Tuesday's bombings in Algiers killed at least 26 people and injured more than 170 others [AFP]
These bombings in the capital Algiers add up to a series of attacks that make 2007 Algeria's most violent year since the end of its decade-long civil war.

Each attack has been more high profile than the previous one and coincide with growing US and European interest in the region.

With similar attacks in Morocco and Tunisia, is North Africa Al-Qaeda's new area of operation?
Inside Story investigates.
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Source: Al Jazeera