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Could Ethiopia and Somalia go to war?

Mogadishu says a deal to grant Addis Ababa access to sea in Somaliland is a violation of its sovereignty.

An agreement between Ethiopia and a breakaway part of Somalia is raising tension on the Horn of Africa.

Somalia regards Somaliland as part of its territory, and has warned Ethiopia against interfering in its affairs. But Ethiopia is landlocked and wants access to the sea – something Somaliland can provide.

Regional blocs are trying to mediate, but neither side is willing to back down.

So how will this dispute play out? And is war a possibility?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Kemal Hashi Mohamoud – Member of the Ethiopian parliament

Matt Bryden – Strategic adviser at Sahan Research, a political think tank covering the Horn of Africa

Abdi Aynte – Former Somali minister of the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development