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Will the sanctions against Russia work?

Vladimir Putin says the sanctions against his country amount to a declaration of war.

EU leaders have been meeting in France to discuss more ways to help Ukraine, and further punish Russia.

But that has not stopped the Kremlin from hitting back.

Moscow has now imposed an exports ban on a string of products until the end of this year.

About 48 countries will be affected, including the US and those in the EU.

Russia is already facing the most severe set of Western sanctions ever imposed on a single country.

They target a variety of sectors including, oil, banking, and aviation, as well as people close to President Vladimir Putin.

So, will Putin be forced to stop his war on Ukraine?

And have sanctions worked in the past?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Chris Weafer – Chief executive officer at Macro-Advisory, a strategic consultancy focused on Russia and Eurasia

Glenn Diesen – Professor of international relations at the University of South-Eastern Norway

Tom Burgis – Author of the Sunday Times best-selling book, Kleptopia: How Dirty Money Is Conquering the World