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Can the G20 solve the world’s problems?

World leaders are on the Indonesian island of Bali for the annual G20 summit.

Leaders from around the world are hoping to get a consensus on a wide-ranging issues affecting billions of people.

And the post-pandemic global economy is top of their agenda.

But tensions about Russia’s war in Ukraine have taken centre stage, with a majority of members “strongly condemning” the military action.

Russia’s foreign ministry says the summit is not the place to discuss security issues.

And the world’s economic challenges should be prioritised.

So, will there be a unified action?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Denisse Rudich – Director of the G20 Research Group in London

Daniel Speckhard – President and CEO of Corus International and a former US ambassador to Belarus

Sergey Markov – Director of the Institute of Political Studies and a former Russian member of parliament