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Who can stop the Taliban’s advance?

The Taliban is taking control of more of Afghanistan and closing in on the capital Kabul.

The future of Afghanistan is topping most international agendas this week, with many fearing a return to Taliban rule of 20 years ago.

The group continues to make strong advances across the country, taking control of major cities.

It has also managed to release thousands of prisoners, and looted military barracks, some of which were run, until last month, by the United States.

As hundreds of thousands of Afghans flee their homes trying to find safety elsewhere, President Ashraf Ghani is determined the Taliban will not win.

But what can Ghani do to stop the Taliban?

Presenter: Kim Vinnell


Shinkai Karokhail – Member of Afghanistan’s National Assembly and chairwoman of the Parliamentary Women Caucus

Haroun Rahimi – Assistant professor of law at American University of Afghanistan

Sir Nick Kay – Former UK ambassador to Afghanistan