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Can Iran’s president persuade the world to end sanctions?

Ebrahim Raisi marks 100 days in office by warning the lifting of international sanctions is non-negotiable.

After nine months and seven rounds of talks, negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief seem to be heading towards a standstill.

Leaders of the new Iranian administration resumed talks in Vienna last week. But negotiations with the signatories of the 2015 nuclear deal ended without progress.

Tehran wants to renegotiate some aspects of the agreement, and wants reassurances the United States will not repeat Donald Trump’s pullout three years ago.

The US says Iran is not serious about returning to nuclear compliance. As a new draft deal nears completion, European negotiators accuse the Iranians of taking a step backwards.

President Ebrahim Raisi is also promising to tackle Iran’s long-running economic problems.

Are both aims achievable? And will he be forced to make concessions?

Presenter: Kim Vinnell


Hamed Mousavi – Professor of political science, University of Tehran

Sahil Shah – Nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament analyst

Jamal Abdi – President, National Iranian American Council