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Could vaccine hesitancy derail Africa’s battle against COVID-19?

Hundreds of millions of vaccine shots are arriving at last, but many are reluctant to get one.

Developing nations in Africa have waited months for COVID-19 vaccines as richer countries hoarded supplies.

While that remains a problem, the shots are arriving.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says 430 million doses have been delivered continent-wide so far.

But only 7 percent of Africa’s 1.3 billion population is fully inoculated, far behind the rest of the world.

Hesitancy to get jabbed is another problem. Health workers are dealing with widespread misinformation and scepticism about vaccines.

What is needed to boost vaccination rates?

Presenter: Dareen Abdughaida


Helen Rees – Chair of the Regional Immunization Technical Advisory for Africa for the WHO

Anand Madhvani – Co-founder Covid Kenya

Karsten Noko – Lawyer interested in human rights and global health issues