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Will Julian Assange be extradited?

The founder of the Wikileaks website has sought sanctuary in London for years.

A “travesty of justice” is how Amnesty International describes it.

“Dangerous and misguided,” says Julian Assange’s partner.

She says the founder of the WikiLeaks website is planning a last-gasp appeal to the United Kingdom’s highest court to stop extradition to the United States.

The UK’s Supreme Court is set to have the final verdict on the fate of the 50-year-old Australian.

That is after the High Court in London overturned an earlier ruling, which said he would be a suicide risk if his sanctuary in the UK finally ends.

The whistleblower faces up to 175 years in a US prison if he is finally extradited and eventually convicted of leaking American military secrets.

But what are the risks of his transatlantic extradition?

Presenter: Kim Vinell


Max Blumenthal – Editor of

Kristinn Krafnsson – Editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks

Nils Melzer – UN special rapporteur on torture, professor of international law at University of Glasgow