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How can Lebanon overcome its economic crisis?

Months of anti-government protests in Lebanon have failed to provoke government action on their demands.

For three months now, people in Lebanon have been demanding change.

A worsening economic crisis means many cannot find jobs, pay for basic goods, or even withdraw their money from banks.

And after months of peaceful rallies, the protesters have called for a week of rage.

Police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds near the parliament in Beirut on Saturday and Sunday. More than 460 people were injured.

Protesters are repeating their demands for an end to Lebanon’s sectarian political system and to install a government of independent experts with no links to its traditional parties.

So what is needed to break the stalemate?

And are Lebanon’s leaders willing to change the political system?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Rania Masri – Elected council member of the political party Citizens in a State

Jamil Mouawad – Lecturer in politics at American University in Beirut

Elias Farhat – Retired Lebanese military general