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Will Burundi’s 2020 elections be free and fair?

Opposition figures accuse the governing party of cracking down on its critics in advance of next year’s vote.

Burundi has long been criticised for silencing dissent. 

Human Rights Watch has said in the past there have been killings, rapes, and intimidation of political opponents.

And with a presidential election set for next year, Burundi is coming under even more scrutiny.
Opposition groups say the governing party is attacking them and creating a climate of fear.

But the government rejects the allegations and insists the vote will be free and fair.

So can human rights be protected?

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


Angela Muvumba Sellstrom – Peace and conflict researcher at Uppsala University

Jonathan Offei-Ansah – Founder and publisher of Africa Briefing, a pan-African news magazine

Lewis Mudge – director for Central Africa at Human Rights Watch