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How far will Egypt go in attacking media freedoms?

The head of Egyptian Journalists Syndicate and two board members have been sentenced to two years in prison.

Egypt has faced numerous challenges since the overthrow of former President Mohamed Morsi.

Many have criticised the government of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for its continued crackdown on dissent and the media.

And now a court has sentenced Yahia Kallash, the head of Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate, and two other board members to two years in prison.

They were found guilty of harbouring what the government calls “fugitives” and of spreading false news.

Critics of President Sisi have called that decision unconstitutional and lacking in transparency. But the authorities insist that the journalists broke the law and should be punished. 

They have been released on bail pending an appeal.

What will this mean for Egyptian journalists and press freedom?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Barbara Trionfi – Executive Director of the International Press Institute

Ahmed Badawi – Cofounder of Transform eV, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conflict Analysis, Political Development and World Society Research

Mohamed Ghoneim – Secretary General of the El Taharok El Igaby Foundation