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Why is art being dragged into Kashmir conflict?

Bollywood and Pakistani artists caught in the crossfire of conflict over Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Fighting in Kashmir between Indian and Pakistani troops has become a cultural war too.

Indian films made in Bollywood are being boycotted by major cinemas in Pakistan.

That came after Pakistani actors were banned from working in India.

A group of Indian film producers say they are showing solidarity with troops fighting in Kashmir.

So fans are polarised and film budgets hit.

While in Kashmir, the United Nations is calling for calm, renewed fighting is forcing thousands of villagers from their homes.

So, what does the clash over culture mean for the long running conflict?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Maidul Islam – Assistant professor at Presidency University, Kolkata, specialising in cinema and identity politics

Maria Iqbal Tarana – Pakistani social and political activist

Narayanan Madhavan – Indian journalist and commentator