Counting the Cost - BRICs as mortar for the house Europe built?
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BRICs as mortar for the house Europe built?

Can 4 trillion dollars between Brazil, Russia, India, and China save the Eurozone?

Separately, they are but four countries – Brazil, Russia, India, and China. But with $4 trillion in cash reserves between them, the BRIC nations could play a large role in Europe’s on-going debt crisis.

China had already shown an interest in the Eurozone debt crisis, but what do the other emerging nations stand to gain from serving as Europe’s lifeline? Is there opportunity to be had amid Europe’s chaos, for the BRIC nations to begin buying up the massive debts of the continent?

Also on the show, a wave of urbanisation across Asia, but with it comes the question of how the poor get their foot on the property ladder? Many in the continent may have a lack of financial resources, there is no shortage of housing itself across the Asia Pacific.

In an region prone to earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis, there is a real need for adequate housing which can stand up to Mother Nature’s fury when she inevitably rolls into the region.

We look at a pilot project in Bangkok which aims to address the unique challenges of Asia’s housing crisis.

Counting the Cost also speaks to a South African coal producer to ask if the raw materials bull-run may be coming to an end, in a slowing global economy?


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