How should The Stream cover a story as complex, divisive and enduring as the 1947 Partition of India? We want to hear from you.


Seventy years ago, the dissolution of British Raj lead to the creation of two new nations - India and Pakistan, based district-wise on Hindu or Muslim majorities. Partition is said to have displaced more than twelve million, one of the biggest migrations in modern history. It was also one of the bloodiest. Neighbours turned on each other across religious lines leading to the death of some two million people.

The independence of the two nations has shaped the dynamics of their relationship today. Over the past 70 years, India and Pakistan have fought at least three wars, they have endured violence and cross-border conflict and they have been further divided. Kashmir remains perhaps the most volatile legacy.

With that in mind, we’ll hold an on-air live Open Editorial meeting on Thursday to gather pitches from you, our community members who live in the region, about how The Stream should cover the legacy of Partition. Your chosen ideas will culminate in a full week of shows this August.

And, live on this week's show, we pledge to commission at least one of your ideas for the August programmes.

Joining The Stream:

Beena Sarwar @beenasarwar
Journalist, Aman ki Aasha

Mallika Ahluwalia @PartitionMuseum
CEO, Partition Museum

Anam Zakaria
Author, "The Footprints of Partition"

Shahnaz Bashir @shahnaz_thm
Author, "The Half Mother" and "Scattered Souls"

Zafar Sobhan @ZafarSobhan
Editor, Dhaka Tribune


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