Is the world becoming a safer or more dangerous place to live?

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute - SIPRI - tries to answer that question every year.

Analysing trends from 2015, SIPRI says it is impossible to say - with the Paris attacks on one hand, and the nuclear deal with Iran on the other.

The study also reveals that the United States remains the world's dominant weapons dealer despite a fall in sales.

Much of last year's SIPRI report focuses on Middle East conflicts, which are continuing now in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

There's also chaos in Libya and conflict in Nigeria with Boko Haram. 

And there has been increased territorial tension among six countries in the South China Sea.

So, how lucrative is the arms trade? And who is buying?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Jonah Leff - Conflict Armament Research

Aude Fleurant - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Andrew Smith - Campaign against Arms Trade

Source: Al Jazeera