Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko hailed the deal he signed with the EU on Friday - as the most important day in his country's history since its independence. But he did voice some concerns related to security - without mentioning Russia.
Russia has warned that signing this deal will have grave consequences. An adviser to President Vladimir Putin went as far as describing Ukraine's government as a fascist regime.
The deal is seen as a victory for pro-EU Ukrainians who drove Russian-backed president Viktor Yanukovich from power after he abandoned the pact last year in favor of cash from Moscow.
President Poroshenko now hopes to bind his country to the European Union through this accord. He said that the bloc should reward Ukraine for what he called its sacrifices. Adding the EU should promise Ukraine eligibility for full membership.
The Association Agreement is expected to help provide Ukraine with a path towards economic modernisation, higher living standards and a stronger democracy.
But at what cost? And what will it mean for the rebellion in the east?
Presenter: Sami Zaidan 
Amanda Paul - Policy Analyst with the European Policy Centre who specialses in Ukraine-EU integration.
Oleksiy Haran -  Professor Of Comparative Politics at the University of Kiev-Mo-High-la Academy
Alexey Vedev - Director of the Center for Structural Studies with the Institute of Transitional Period. 

Source: Al Jazeera