Is voter suppression threatening US democracy?

‘The concern is that the US Supreme Court is going to undermine the Voting Rights Act.’

American democracy is in peril.

That is the warning from voting rights defenders ringing the alarm over measures being introduced in many parts of the country that, they insist, threaten the most fundamental right of citizens in the United States: the right to vote.

From gerrymandering to voter suppression, there has been a slew of laws pushed through state legislatures and courts aimed at curtailing people’s ability to have their voices heard in electoral politics.

In the run-up to the November midterm elections, Marc Lamont Hill is joined by Ari Berman, author of, Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America; LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter; and Sarah Brannon, managing attorney of the ACLU Voting Rights Project for an UpFront Special on voter suppression and its effect on democracy in the US.