Is Christian nationalism on the rise in the United States?

Marc Lamont Hill hosts a discussion looking at Christian nationalism and the line between Church and State in the US.

The separation of church and state is widely considered a sacred pillar of American democracy, one upheld by the country’s founding documents, including the Constitution.

However, in recent years, an undercurrent of religious rhetoric has permeated political discourse in the United States, causing many to sound the alarm over attempts at merging religious ideals and national identity.

“Christian nationalism strikes at the very heart of civil rights for all Americans,” says Amanda Tyler, the executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

This week in an UpFront special, Marc Lamont Hill is joined by Tyler; Anthea Butler, the chair of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania; and Kristin Du Mez, a professor of history and gender studies at Calvin University, to discuss Christian nationalism and its effects on the lives and rights of people in the US.