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The ‘Sudanese Supremes’

Musical group Al Balabil shares the impact they hope to make on the world.

It’s not hard to see why Al Balabil is often referred to as the “Sudanese Supremes”. Like the American Motown group, Al Balabil is made up of three vibrant and soulful singers with matching dresses. But the similarities stop there. These sisters are unofficial ambassadors for the women of Sudan to the world. 

They join The Stream to discuss their career, the impact they’ve had on Sudan and what they want to accomplish with a world tour. 

On today’s episode, we speak with:

Amal Talsam
Singer, Al Balabil

Hadia Talsam
Singer, Al Balabil

Ola Diab @diab_ola
Sudanese blogger

Hajer Alshikhe @hajeralshikhe
Sudanese fan 

Miass Abdelaziz
Sudanese fan 

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