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Samaritans gone wrong?

The Stream discusses the real-life inspiration for a new Kenyan TV comedy mocking aid workers.

Guests register for the Tanzania National Government Pandemic Disaster Response Tabletop in Arusha, Tanzania, an event that was funded by USAID in March 2011. Photo via US Army Africa [Creative Commons]

A new Kenyan TV comedy in the works about an NGO that does nothing is already winning fans online with its merciless mockery of aid workers. “The Samaritans” examines the awkward culture clash that happens when foreigners land in a country they know little about to tell the locals how they “should” be living. On Tuesday, The Stream discusses the real-life absurdities that inspired “The Samaritans” and examines NGO culture around the world. Join us at 19:30 GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with: 

Salim Keshavjee @AFA_KENYA
Director and executive producer, “The Samaritans”

Laura Seay @TexasinAfrica
Assistant Professor of Government at Colby College

Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg @wanjirukr
NGO Founder, Akili Dada

Jessica Alexander @Jessalex811
Author, “Chasing Chaos: My Decade in and out of Humanitarian Aid”

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