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The case of Alaa Abd el-Fattah and Egypt’s crushing of dissent

The story of an imprisoned activist exposes the grim climate for speech in Egypt. Plus, what might Chile’s new constitution portend for the media there?

As Egypt’s President el-Sisi kicks off a “National Dialogue” on human rights, the precarious fate of jailed writer and activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah exposes the grave climate for free speech in the country.

Mona Seif – Sister of Alaa Abd el-Fattah
Nancy Okail – President, Center for International Policy
Amr Khalifa – Political analyst
Sabrina Bennoui – Head of the Middle East desk, Reporters Without Borders

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Media, monopolies and the rewriting of Chile’s constitution

Chile is working on a new constitution that has some of Augusto Pinochet’s favourite news outlets fighting for their corporate lives.

Patricio Fernández – Member, Chilean Constitutional Convention Journalist & Founder, The Clinic
Jorge Saavedra – Author, The Media Commons and Social Movements
Claudio Fuentes – Historian, Diego Portales University; author, The Fraud: Chronicle on the Plebiscite of the 1980 Constitution
Belén Pellegrini – Journalist, La Neta