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Tunisia: The referendum and the ramifications for the media

Tunisians have been among the freest to voice dissent in the Arab world but a constitutional change threatens that freedom. Plus, LGBTQphobia in Ghana’s media.

As Tunisia prepares to vote on a controversial new constitution, President Kais Saied’s continuing power grab risks reversing the country’s hard-won media freedoms.

Thameur Mekki – Editor-in-chief, Nawaat
Monia Ben Hamadi – Media consultant
Monica Marks – Professor of Middle East politics, NYU Abu Dhabi

On our radar:

In Iran, three acclaimed film directors are arrested for statements made on social media in support of anti-government protests. Meenakshi Ravi reports on why Iran is going after outspoken artists.

Ghana’s LGBTQ-phobia & the media:

Ghana’s media cheers on proposed anti-LGBTQ+ laws, even while they threaten freedom of the press.

Sam Nartey George – Member of parliament
Ebenezer Peegah – Founder, Rightify Ghana
Kapya Kaoma – Anglican priest