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Abortion misinformation in the United States of America

The criminalisation of abortion in the US comes after a decades long misinformation campaign by Christian media and the far right. Plus, the loud silence over Balochistan.

The Supreme Court of the United States has revoked the legal right to have an abortion, and certain sectors of the US media have had an important role to play in pushing things in this direction.

Jenna Sherman – Science writer, Meedan
Caitlin Cruz – Senior reporter, Jezebel
Terry Heaton – Author, The Gospel of Self: How Pat Robertson Stole the Soul of the GOP
Samuel Perry – Sociologist, University of Oklahoma

On our radar:

Former Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has taken a swipe at his journalistic nemesis – Maria Ressa – just as he leaves office. Flo Philips on the shutdown of news outlet Rappler.

The resounding silence over Balochistan

Pakistan’s Balochistan province is underreported and misrepresented in the media. Those who dare to report on the issues of the region pay a heavy price.

Mohammed Hanif – Author, The Baloch Who Is Not Missing and Others Who Are
Mahvish Ahmad – Co-founder, Tanqeed
Kiyya Baloch – Baloch journalist in exile