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US: The spectacle and scrutiny of the January 6 hearings

Making Americans care about the Capitol riot investigation has taken dogged fact-finding and careful TV production. Plus, cultural consultants in Hollywood.

Donald Trump had the Big Lie. Now, investigators in Congress are televising what they hope might be the Big Truth. Will these made-for-TV hearings break through to enough of the American public?

Alex Shephard – Staff writer, New Republic
Molly Jong-Fast – Contributing writer, The Atlantic
Angelo Carusone – President & CEO, Media Matters for America
Hugo Lowell – Congressional reporter, The Guardian

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The Kremlin’s propagandists have a few friends in Italian TV; Producer Tariq Nafi explains how they are making the most of it.

Hollywood’s latest role, the cultural consultant

There is a new part in Hollywood – the cultural consultant – looking to make the industry more politically correct.

Anamik Saha – Communications and cultural studies lecturer, Goldsmiths
Raeshem Nijhon – Co-founder, Culture House
Edna Liliana Valencia Murillo – Cultural consultant, ‘Encanto’