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Unconventional journalists: Wolfe, Kanafani and García Márquez

We look at the lives and legacies of three journalists who broke the mould.

This week, we are veering out of the mainstream and looking at journalism that broke the rules, pushed boundaries and, in some cases, redefined them.

The Listening Post producers Marcela Pizarro and Tariq Nafi explore the work and the legacy of three such innovators: Tom Wolfe, Ghassan Kanafani and Gabriel García Márquez. Their journalism defied convention and categorisation and continues to inspire people to consider new ways of presenting stories.


Dan Bischoff – Art critic, The Star-Ledger

Emily Witt – Writer, The New Yorker

Refqa Abu-Remaileh – Professor of modern Arabic literature and film, Free University Berlin

Elias Khoury – Novelist and literary critic

As’ad Abukhalil – Professor of political science, California State University

Juanita León – Director, La Silla Vacía

Jaime Abello Banfi – Director, The Gabo Foundation

María Jimena Duzán – Journalist and author