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Raids and internet blackouts: Myanmar’s military vs protesters

Myanmar’s military is battling a civil disobedience movement that is growing online. Plus, Britain’s digital divide and the learning lost in lockdown.

A civil disobedience movement is growing in Myanmar; young people are using social media to organise and keep citizens and the outside world informed.


Thin Lei Win – Founder and former chief correspondent, Myanmar Now

Aye Min Thant – Myanmar-based journalist

Manny Maung – Researcher, Human Rights Watch

Francis Wade – Author, Myanmar’s Enemy Within

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Australia is now a front line in the revenue battle between big tech and the mainstream media. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Nic Muirhead to find out how Google and Facebook are responding.

Lockdown’s lost children: Britain’s digital divide

Home school is hard enough – but what if you cannot afford an electronic device or Wi-Fi? That is the reality for more than a million schoolchildren in the United Kingdom.


Ayse Guveli – Sociologist, University of Essex

Vanessa Jackson – Associate professor, Birmingham City

Flora Kisby – Deputy head teacher, Christ Church Primary

Amanda Naylor – Head of partnerships, Barnardo’s Charity