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Project Wave: Exposed media corruption scandalises South Africa

A South African media empire is revealed to have been paid millions in exchange for pro-government coverage. Plus, the hidden biases of infographics.

News with a grain of salt: South Africans have found out their government has been paying for favourable journalism.

Karyn Maughan – legal journalist, News24

John Matisonn – journalist and author of God, Spies and Lies

Sbu Ngalwa – chairperson, South African National Editors Forum

Eusebius McKaiser – political analyst and broadcaster

On our radar

Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Hussein has been released from an Egyptian prison after four years with no charge or trial. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Johanna Hoes about the timing of the release and an update on journalists who remain jailed in Egypt.

The power and politics of data visualisation

Data is often presented as the objective truth. But the way it is presented, interpreted and contextualised can distort its original purpose.


Mona Chalabi  – data editor, Guardian US and illustrator

Beth Blauer – Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center; executive director, Centers for Civic Impact

Alberto Cairo – author of How Charts Lie; professor of visual journalism, University of Miami