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Blacklisted: Israeli spyware firm NSO faces sanctions, lawsuits

After it hacked dissidents and journalists for years, news that NSO’s technology targeted US diplomats has brought on sanctions and lawsuits. Plus, big oil’s big PR push.

Pegasus, the Israeli spyware tool exposed by journalists early this year, is now in trouble with  American authorities and big tech.

Marwa Fatafta – MENA policy manager, Access Now
Omer Benjakob – Tech and cyber-reporter, Haaretz
Laurent Richard – Founder, Forbidden Stories
Albert Fox Cahn – Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

On our radar:

Boris Johnson’s United Kingdom government has been spinning the narrative to get itself out of multiple scandals over the past year but as producer Meenakshi Ravi tells Richard Gizbert, the latest one is proving a lot harder to control.

Big oil propaganda: From advertorials to Instagram

The messaging of oil companies has changed with the times. Denying the reality of climate change is out, delaying what to do about it is in.

Molly Taft – Staff writer, Earther/Gizmodo
Amy Westervelt – Founder, Critical Frequency podcast network and host, Drilled
Geoffrey Supran  – Research Associate, Harvard University