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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Shelling, suffering and propaganda

Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war over a disputed region – and this is reflected in their broadcasts. Plus, how colonial postcards affect depictions of Africans today.

After three weeks of fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia, both sides have leaned on their domestic media to give their version of events. We examine the events in Nagorno-Karabakh and the dangers of war reporting in the age of COVID-19.


Cavid Aga – Writer, Open Caucasus Media

Daniel Hamilton – Political and communications analyst

Neil Hauer – Non-resident fellow, Frontier Europe

Ani Paitjan – Journalist, CivilNet

On our radar

There are more signals from Saudi media that the narrative is changing on Israel. Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Meenakshi Ravi about a three-part interview on pan-Arab station Al Arabiya that has taken aim at Palestinians.

A snapshot of empire: The racist legacy of colonial postcards

How the golden age of postcards left behind a legacy of racism that continues to shape perceptions of Africans today.


Sarah Sentilles – Writer and critical theorist

Olubukola Gbadegesin – Associate professor, Saint Louis University

Stephen Hughes – Senior lecturer, SOAS University of London

Julie Crooks – Associate curator, Art Gallery of Ontario