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The future of journalism under President Trump

Will the White House press corps fall in line or fight back with adversarial journalism? Plus, Obama’s media legacy.

On The Listening Post this week: Will the White House press corps fall in line or fight back with the adversarial journalism American reporters used to be known for? 

Day of reckoning: The future of American media 

The challenges ahead for journalism covering the Trump presidency: What’s in store for the media under the new US administration? How will American reporters adapt?

Contributors: Frank Sesno, former CNN White House correspondent; Sarah Smarsh, journalist; Margaret Sullivan, media columnist, The Washington Post; Alex Zaitchik, journalist.

On our radar: 

  • Fake news fears spread to Europe – but there are signs of fightback in Germany and the UK
  • A court rules on a controversial shutdown of a Hungarian newspaper
  • A South African journalist goes missing in Syria but the perpetrators are unknown

Obama’s media legacy 

The Listening Post assesses the outgoing president’s track record on press freedom. After eight years in office, what media legacy is Barack Obama leaving behind, and what might it mean for journalists in Trump’s America?

Contributors: Lynn Oberlander, general counsel, Media Operations, First Look Media; Lucy Dalglish, dean, College of Journalism, University of Maryland; David Zurawik, media critic, The Baltimore Sun; James Risen, investigative reporter, The New York Times.