The Bottom Line

Are Iran and the US close to a new deal on nukes and sanctions?

After a year of talks in Vienna, the two sides seem to be close to restoring the nuclear deal they signed in 2015.

The Vienna talks aim to bring an end to the US sanctions on Iran in exchange for limits on Iran’s nuclear programme.

The original agreement between Iran and world powers – the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – was signed in 2015, offering Iran sanctions relief at the time in exchange for Iran reining in its nuclear programme.

In 2018, former US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled his country out of it and imposed harsh sanctions on Iran. The Biden administration decided to head back to the negotiating table with Iran in 2021.

Host Steve Clemons asks Cambridge University Professor Roxane Farmanfarmaian and Quincy Institute Co-founder Trita Parsi about when, and if, we can expect a renewed JCPOA.