The Bottom Line

Is big money eroding trust in US elections?

With the concentration of wealth in the hands of few, we explore the role of money in US politics.

In the last United States presidential election cycle in 2016, more than $2bn was raised and spent by the top two candidates, and some experts estimate that the 2020 elections will be even more expensive.

Can the tough decisions facing Americans – funding healthcare and higher education, managing the titans of Silicon Valley, taxing the wealthy – be dealt with fairly when politicians have traditionally been funded by the same corporations and wealthy individuals that government is meant to regulate?

Join Steve Clemons and his panel of experts as they debate the role of money in US politics.


  • Matt Stoller, Research Director of the American Economic Liberties Project and author of Goliath: The 100-year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy
  • Michael Fauntroy, Professor of political science at Howard University
  • Liz Mair, Republican strategist