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How will the war in Ukraine affect Poland’s future?

Warsaw and the West are united against Russia but have major rifts on other issues.

Poland has sent troops to its border with Belarus, fearing threats from Russia via its neighbour.

Leaders in Warsaw have played a central role in helping Ukraine resist the Russian invasion. But there’s also been tension with Kyiv and with European Union leaders in Brussels too.

So what now for Poland’s relationships with its neighbours, allies and enemies? What impact will the Ukraine war have on Poland’s future?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Liliana Smiech – president, Warsaw Institute, a Polish nonprofit think tank specialising in geopolitics and international affairs

Ben Aris – founder and editor-in-chief, BNE IntelliNews, a business media company focusing on emerging markets

Michal Baranowski – senior fellow and managing director, German Marshall Fund East, a nonprofit, transatlantic organisation