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What do China’s latest military drills around Taiwan mean for the region?

China conducts exercises in Taiwan Strait days after new Taiwan president was sworn in.

China has escalated the scale of its military exercises in the Taiwan Strait over the past two years, while the United States has increased its rhetoric in support of the island.

Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan.

The Democratic Progressive Party, which has championed a separate Taiwanese identity, has secured a third presidential term.

President Lai Ching-te said in his inauguration speech that Taiwan is already a sovereign nation.

Beijing has responded angrily with the latest round of military drills.

So where does China go from here? And how far is the US willing to go in support of Taiwan?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Fang-yu Chen – Assistant professor of political science at Soochow University, Taiwan

Victor Gao – Vice president of the Center for China and Globalization

Tomohiko Taniguchi – Special adviser at the Fujitsu Future Studies Centre