Inside Story

Are the risks involved in sea and space tourism too high?

Commercial companies offering dangerous adventures to the ends of the Earth and beyond are attracting billions of dollars every year.

Governments used to be the main funders of sea and space expeditions.

Some of the risks in commercial sea exploration have been exposed by the plight of the five men on board the Titan submersible that went missing.

Their organisers say their trips help fund new areas of science and industry.

So how are these multibillion-dollar industries contributing to science? And how do these adventures benefit society?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Sylvia Sander – Chair of the European Marine Board Working Group on “Deep Sea and Ocean Health”

Ezzy Pearson – Astrophysicist and space journalist

Victor Lund Shammas – Head of sociology and social work at the University of Agder