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Can Europe replace Russian gas with renewable energy?

Leaders from northern European states pledge huge investment in green energy.

Finding new sources of green energy is no longer merely an aspiration for many governments, with the risks from climate change now felt around the world.

In Europe, the war in Ukraine has forced countries to seek alternatives to Russian gas.

Harnessing sources that replenish themselves like wind and wave power is the aim of European leaders, who want to turn the continent’s northern seas into an engine of renewable energy.

The plan is radical and costly – but will it work?

And where will the money come from?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Gareth Davies – Founder of Aquatera, an environmental and sustainable energy consultancy involved in the planning of future marine offshore renewables across Europe

Sandrine Dixson-Decleve – Co-president of The Club of Rome, a climate policy advisory, and ambassador for the Energy Transition Commission

Noah Brenner – Eastern hemisphere editorial director for Energy Intelligence specialising in European oil and gas companies