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What are the implications of the Saudi-Iranian diplomatic deal?

China brokers agreement between two adversaries to restore diplomatic relations.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to restore diplomatic relations following talks between the two regional rivals in China.

Entrenched on different sides on a host of issues, and in proxy wars – notably in Yemen, Syria and Lebanon – few would have believed even days ago that a rapprochement between the two was about to happen.

The United States was not involved in the deal in a region where it would see itself as the dominant power.

China brokered the Saudi-Iran negotiations – with the announcement of the successful outcome made in Beijing.

What are the implications of this agreement – in the region and beyond?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Foad Izadi – Associate professor at the University of Tehran

Hillary Mann Leverett – CEO at political risk consultancy Stratega in McLean, Virginia

Ibrahim Fraihat – Conflict resolution specialist, associate professor, Doha Institute, and author of, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Taming a Chaotic Conflict