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What’s behind the ‘India Out’ campaign in the Maldives?

The government in the Maldives bans a campaign called ‘India Out’.

“India Out” – that is the slogan some opposition parties in the Maldives have been repeating for more than two years now, claiming the government is selling their country to India.

The campaign, now banned by the government, started in 2020 as street protests and quickly gained traction on social media.

Those behind it say they only oppose India’s small military presence in the Maldives, and are not against trade, cultural and other ties.

What does that mean for the close relations between India and the Maldives?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Hamdhan Shakeel – Founder and editor at Maldives News Network

Uday Chandra – Assistant professor of government at Georgetown University, Doha

Nitin Gokhale – CEO and editor-in-chief at Strategic News Global