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Can Europe handle refugees from the Russia-Ukraine war?

Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing Ukraine to neighbouring countries.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created a major humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe.

The UN’s refugee agency believes at least 368,000 people have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries, mostly to Poland.

Others are going to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova.

The UNHCR is preparing for up to four million refugees if the conflict drags on.

Although Ukraine’s neighbours are welcoming the new arrivals, some people of African and Asian descent in Ukraine say they’ve been blocked from crossing the borders.

Can Europe handle the influx?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Maria Avdeeva – Head of Research at the European Expert Association.

Joung-ah Ghedini-Williams – Head of Global Communications at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Ole Solvang – Director of Partnerships and Policy at the Norwegian Refugee Council.