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Why are powerful nations unable to bring peace to DR Congo?

The M23 armed group is marching on Goma, the regional capital in eastern DRC.

A renewed offensive by the M23 armed group in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

There are reports of extrajudicial killings, torture and rape.

The rebel group has ignored international appeals for a ceasefire and is marching on Goma, the regional capital.

UN investigators have found evidence that Rwanda’s military is backing M23 fighters. Uganda has also been accused of providing support.

Both governments deny the charges.

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Fred Bauma – executive director, Ebuteli Congolese Institute for Research on Politics, Governance and Violence

Michela Wrong – veteran journalist and Africa analyst

Angele Dikongue-Atangana – UN Refugee Agency representative, DRC