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What’s behind rising violence between Israelis and Palestinians?

Dozens have been killed in Israeli military raids and attacks in the most violent year since 2015.

The United Nations is expressing alarm at a rising number of attacks in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and has urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to restore calm.

An Israeli soldier was killed when a Palestinian gunman allegedly opened fire at a checkpoint near a refugee camp in Occupied East Jerusalem on Saturday. That followed the deaths of at least four Palestinians in Israeli raids.

The UN says at least 120 Palestinians and 11 Israelis have been killed since January, the worst year of violence since 2015.

Can anything be done to reduce the tension?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Gideon Levy – Columnist at Haaretz

Sawsan Zaher – Palestinian human rights lawyer

Guy Shalev – Executive Director, Physicians for Human Rights Israel