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What’s next for Lebanon?

Lebanon is facing a dire economic crisis exacerbated by political deadlock.

No food, no water, no medicines and no fuel for transport or electricity.

That is the dire state in which Lebanon finds itself after more than 18 months of political and economic instability.

Most analysts put the blame on political sectarianism and corruption.

Lebanon’s international allies say they want to help the economy, but only after a new government is formed.

But that has brought no hope to the millions of Lebanese struggling to make ends meet.

The country has not had a functioning government in 10 months and the situation does not appear to be getting any better.

So what can be done to prevent the nation from collapsing altogether?

And who is to blame?

Presenter: Kim Vinnell


Patrick Mardini – Economist at Leadenhall International for Market Solutions

Joe Macaron – Fellow at the Arab Center, Washington, DC

Heiko Wimmen – Head of the International Crisis Group’s Iraq, Syria, Lebanon project