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Will India’s COVID-19 crisis spell disaster for the world?

Calls for global help to contain outbreak in the world’s biggest vaccine maker.

India’s COVID-19 emergency has reached critical levels.

Hospitals are out of beds and oxygen, while crematoriums do not have space for the dead.

India has recorded more than 300,000 new infections every day for a week, and the numbers are rising fast.

The United States, European Union, Russia and China are among nations sending oxygen and medical supplies.

And India, which has been making COVID-19 vaccines for developing countries, has now been forced to import jabs.

So what is the fallout for the rest of the world if the crisis is not contained?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Harjit Singh Bhatti – National president, Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum

Michael Head – Senior research fellow in Global Health, University of Southampton

Patrick Tang – Division chief of microbiology, Sidra Medicine