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Can a new conflict in Ukraine be prevented?

US President Joe Biden threatens Moscow with economic sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine.

Fears are growing of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine as tens of thousands of its soldiers have massed near Ukraine’s border, along with Russian military hardware.

US intelligence agencies say a multi-front offensive could happen early next year.

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden used a virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to issue a warning.

Biden threatened more economic sanctions if Russia were to invade. Putin pushed back, calling NATO’s presence in Ukraine a “red line” that threatened Russia’s security if crossed.

Has the meeting done enough to prevent a new conflict in Europe?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Viktor Olevich – Lead expert at the Center for Actual Politics

Melinda Haring – Deputy director at Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center

Olexiy Haran – Professor of comparative politics at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy