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Could Poland leave the European Union?

Thousands rally in Warsaw after controversial ruling by Poland’s top court that parts of EU law are unconstitutional.

Poland is challenging one of the European Union’s core principles.

Regulations decided in Brussels are applied equally across its 27-member states, and override national legislation.

But Poland’s top court has ruled that parts of EU law aren’t compatible with the nation’s constitution.

The government in Warsaw has welcomed the decision, while European leaders threatened to retaliate.

Other countries, including Hungary, have been at odds with the EU about the rule of law.

So could Poland follow the United Kingdom and leave the bloc?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Michal Wawrykiewicz – Lawyer and co-founder of the #FreeCourts Initiative

Ulrich Brueckner – Political analyst and professor of political science at Stanford University in Berlin

Pieter Cleppe – Lawyer and editor of BrusselsReport.EU