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Why is military spending going up worldwide?

Researchers report highest level of defence expenditure in 10 years.

It is often said that war is good for business.

Conflicts drive up demand for weapons, defence equipment and soldiers.

It appears 2019 was a bumper year.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said global military spending grew to nearly $2 trillion, a 3.6 percent increase on 2018 and the highest-level rise in 10 years.

Five countries – the US, China, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia – account for more than 60 percent of the expenditure.

Will the upward trend continue as the coronavirus pandemic devastates the world’s economies?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Pieter Wezeman – Senior Researcher of the Arms and Military Expenditure Programme at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Adam Ni – Director of the Australia-based China Policy Centre

Andrew Smith – Spokesman for the Campaign Against Arms Trade