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Are we ignoring warnings on climate change?

Scientists issue dire message on warming oceans as carbon emissions rise.

Our oceans are heating up quickly.

In 2019, sea temperatures were the highest on record, about 0.075C above the 1981-2010 average.

Warmer seas mean more intense storms, droughts, floods and wildfires.

Oceans are the clearest measure of climate change since they absorb 90 percent of the world’s heat.

The study is the latest warning on the climate crisis facing our planet.

However, greenhouse gas emissions are still at record levels.

Are we starting to tune out to the constant stream of bad news on the climate? If so, how should we change the conversation?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Anto Mohsin – Assistant professor at Northwestern University in Qatar who researches energy and the environment

Heike Vesper – Director of marine programmes at the World Wildlife Fund

Cornelia Meyer – Energy economist and CEO of Meyer Resources